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Data Business Plan

The Problem

Transportation agencies depend on easy access to good information to ensure efficient and effective management of their systems. Most agencies invest substantial resources to collect data and build and maintain information systems. Despite these investments, much of the data are underutilized because they aren’t sufficiently accurate, timely, integrated or accessible. And managers still can’t get timely answers to their critical questions. What is wrong with this picture?

The Solution

Data Business Plan

Data Business Plan

Agencies need to take a hard look at every data set they collect and ask two questions: (1) how much is this costing us and (2) what value are we getting for this investment? Developing a Data Business Plan allows agencies to step back and assess all of their data investments in relation to core business processes and performance goals. When data is viewed as an asset to be managed to maximize business value, new strategies emerge for focusing resources on meeting the most critical needs.

The Process

Developing a Data Business Plan involves a six step process:

  • Business Context – Establish the core agency business processes and performance objectives. These provide the scaffolding for the plan.
  • State of the Data Assessment – Inventory existing data sets, identify how they are currently used, identify data gaps and opportunities for improving access to critical information within core business processes.
  • Data Products – Identify and describe the foundational categories of data that the agency requires.
  • Data Services – Define the activities needed to plan for, acquire and manage data throughout its life cycle.
  • Roles & Responsibilities – Set up an accountability framework for delivering business value from data. Define roles for managing and providing data products and services, and assign responsibilities within the organization.
  • Action Plan – Identify strategies and actions for closing the most critical data gaps and getting more value from data investments