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Our Approach

SPP serves as a catalyst for performance improvement within transportation and public works organizations. SPP draws upon proven methods and best practices gleaned from documented national experience to develop tailor-made solutions for each client. We strive to have each engagement make a lasting and sustainable impact. This means working side-by-side with staff at all levels of the organization, building bridges across divisions and incubating new practices.

We understand that there may be many kinds of obstacles to forward progress. In a complex and dynamic environment, with ever-tightening resources, crisis management is all too frequently the norm. In this environment, it can be difficult to articulate a clear future vision and make steady progress. We bring expert facilitation resources to help organizations to agree on a vision that integrates multiple perspectives. Then, we provide management and technical support to monitor progress and keep things on track.

We focus on the intersection of three key elements that must come together for an organization to achieve lasting performance improvements:

  • Critical decision making responsibilities and methods
  • Data and information systems that support decision making and delivery processes
  • Business processes for procuring and delivering products and services

Examples of our approach